Antoinette Davey

I focus on loss of a baby and the grief that parents have to go through dealing with this. In
addition, I work with the impact of physical health conditions on mental health and the
experiences of trauma (whether that is current or historic). I believe in developing a safe,
warm and empathic environment for clients and this begins with a good working
relationship. What I aim to do is provide a space for you to feel able to open up and do that
in your own time. Although I focus on these specific areas I see people with a range of
concerns across all ages.

Previously I have volunteered as a therapist for Devon Carers and the Iron Mill Counselling
services. Currently I am on two committees focusing on research (UK Association of TA
Research; European Association of TA theory and development research) with the aim of
keeping informed of the latest therapeutic developments for my clients. I offer short and long
term therapy for clients depending on what they bring and this is agreed upon on an
individual basis. I am also a researcher within the University of Exeter across the medical
school and psychology focusing on chronic health conditions, health outcomes, and perinatal
mental health.