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Training Events – CPD for Professionals

Working with the Male Psyche – Saturday 27th April

A one day workshop. How do you think about the male psyche in your work? What does your countertransference tell you with a male client? How do you think about your countertransference to a man in your work? Do you feel differently working with a man to a woman? These are just some of the areas we will explore together. Working within a Transactional Analysis framework, with some psychoanalytical influence the workshop will be experiential. Together we will explore how the male psyche is experienced in one to one therapy or couples work.  The workshop will be delivered by John Paradise an Exeter based psychotherapist.  John will be drawing upon his years of experience of working almost exclusively with men, often in long term therapy. Places are limited to just eight, cost £60

Money – The administrative and the psychological – June 2019
Unconscious Bias – Autumn 2019


CPD training events are run from our own premises in Exeter.  John Paradise CTA (P) has a background in teaching, designing training and working with men psychotherapeutically as well as running men’s therapy groups.

For more details or to book your place call John Paradise 07768 134537 or email