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The Gravity of Saturn – The Role of the Father.

Friday 11th October in person in Exeter. The workshop is led by John Paradise CTA(P) P/TSTA(P)

This workshop will explore the role of the father. This is particulalry important when working with boys, or men, young or old. How do we account psychologically and developmentally for the role of the father?

Often overlooked in the counselling and psychotherapy theory,  this workshop will examine the role of father in the psychic world. Drawing from a decade working with men in long term therapy, this workshop will explore the psychological wounding of men and their healing. This workshop will equip you to deepen your therapeutic work with men.  Through a TA, psychoanalytical and Jungian lens, we will explore:

*The role of the father in men’s wounding

*How, if at all, we account for the father in our theories.

*The unconscious role of the father in clinical work with men.


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

* Understand the scale of the crisis in male mental health

* Explain what the term ‘male wounding’ means

* Recognise where male wounding may exist in their own relationships

* Describe the role of father in transition from boyhood to manhood

* Understand the influence of the father in the clinical setting


Fee £60 6 hours CPD awarded.

For more details call John Paradise 07768 134537 or email