Jasmine Randall

Jasmine Randall

I am a trained registered Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. I work from a relationship model, which considers how our past can influence our present relationships, meanings we have made and how this effects our current relationship to ourselves, others and our world.

If you are looking for help, support and change in your life counselling is an opportunity to explore in depth; relationship issues, presenting symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, abuse, addiction and mental health issues. To enable you to work towards a greater sense of self and choice in your life. I offer to work with you to the best of my capacity to find what it is you need from therapy.

I have extensive experience working in a wide range of therapeutic settings, placements for my training, agencies, charities and mental health services. I currently work in private practice and with SAND (Survivors Alliance North Devon CIC A specialist agency for any adult who has experienced sexual abuse or rape).

I also use a model in my work called CRM Comprehensive Resource Model. CRM is neuro-biologically based model, it works with a system of resources, imagery, breath work, bilateral music, and systems to safely work with the parts of ourselves which are split, relationally, physically confused and traumatised. Creating a safe internal structure which allows the targeting issue to be experienced and processed safely and effectively, allowing us to reconnect to our true sense of self.


  • Level 2 counselling skills
  • Level 3 counselling studies
  • Level 4 Dip therapeutic counselling
  • Level 5 Psychotherapeutic counselling
  • CRM Comprehensive Resource Model training
  • CRM Comprehensive Resource Model training. I chose to do the training twice to encapsulate the model at a deeper level.

Placements/work history

  • NDADA North Devon Against Domestic Abuse
  • Clarity (mental health charity) offering low cost counselling for mental health
  • NHS Devon Partnership Trust Psychology department, Breaking Free program (historical sexual abuse) and Historical Trauma Programme.
  • Inclusis family Assessment Centre.
  • Devon County Council/DPT NHS I worked as a mental health support worker for the Link Centres for 2 years. I found the work gave me a good understanding and appreciation of the structure of the mental health services. And a very in-depth experience of working creatively with a mixed client group.
  • SAND Survivors Alliance North Devon.

Session details

£45.00 per session, length of sessions are 60 mins. Sessions can be arranged for 1 1/2 hrs this can be very beneficial, especially for CRM sessions which sometimes require more space and time. I only charge an extra £15 for the additional half hour.

Payment is required at the end of the session by cash or BACS.

Contact Details

Mobile: 077 1785 5014

Email: jazrandall@yahoo.com