Matthew Hart

I work with relational problems, anger, anxiety, low self esteem, depression, addictive behaviours and feelings of shame.

I work with individuals using the Gestalt approach which in one sense is all about energy. For example our energy can burst out in a direction that we don’t want it to (eg angry outbursts) or sometimes it can feel like it’s not flowing properly at all and is stuck (eg feeling low and depressed). I work as much as possible in the here and now with what you are experiencing as we talk about things – even though those things may be in the past. This way we get to see what is still alive from the past and how it may be affecting your energy flow in your life right now.

I try not to use too many diagnostic concepts which might cloud my ability to see the human being sitting in the room with me. Rather, I see the work as a collaboration – it takes two in other words; a journey to explore and uncover what is hidden or stuck and find new ways of being fully alive in the world.

Gestalt therapy is a talking therapy – yet the work is also very grounded in the body through paying close attention to your sensory experience alongside thoughts and emotions. Culturally I see a tendency to split our bodily experience from our idea of ourselves but in our reality we are one being and we experience everything in and through our bodies.

I work one to one with individuals. I am an accredited Counsellor with the National Counselling Society (MNCS Accred). I am also in the advanced stage of training as a psychotherapist at the Welsh Psychotherapy Partnership working towards UKCP accreditation.

Matthew Hart
Phone 07376 426039