Therapy room rental Exeter

Are you a counsellor or therapist looking for a practice room or therapy room to rent in Exeter? You may want to consider the benefits to you in joining our community of fellow practitioners, at PAC Exeter.

  • Beautiful, quiet and private rooms in Barnfield Crescent, Exeter
  • No joining fees
  • Very low room rates from £30 half day £50 full day
  • A presence on our web site included free
  • You will be part of our professional community at PAC Exeter

PAC Exeter do not offer ad hoc room rental. We are a small community of practitioners who understand the value of belonging to a warm and supportive practitioner community at PAC Exeter. If you are seeking therapy rooms to rent in Exeter, and want to be part of a community of practitioners, then come and see what PAC Exeter feels like and what we offer you.

Contact John Paradise on 07768 134537 or